CATI: Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing

CATI can be complex and requires staff trained to deal with the complexities of speaking directly with people over the phone and gaining their trust, all while adhering to a rigorous methodology to ensure questions are asked correctly. We bring experts and the highest quality assurance practices to every project.

CATI Quality Assurance

100% TCPA compliant cell phone dialing
All calls originating from USA
Dynamic Caller ID
All callers set forth exceptional voice-quality and enunciation
Adherence to AAPOR Code of Professional Ethics and Practices
Monitor all interviewers with ongoing assessments
Zero tolerance policy for falsification or lack of respect to a respondent


TCSG can seamlessly run a survey as both online and CATI regardless of whether multimode is part of the initial design or a solution to drive better results once the project is in the field. Use multimodes for cost efficiencies and to maximize representation and feasibility. Multimodes include but not limited to; SMS Text to Web, IVR/Interactive Voice Response to Landlines, Live Agent Cellphones, Live Agent Landlines. Phones are considered the gold standard. Telephone surveys are still considered the gold standard for rigorous public opinion polling and market research.

Areas of expertise

Market Research
Legislative Advocacy