Campaign Voter Contact

Voter Contact Services

TCSG will work closely with you to design the right mix of multi-mode voter-contact touchpoints. The most effective campaigns utilize a blended strategy optimized with precision timing. Clients appreciate our consultative input and our willingness to be a part of the decision-making process.

Live Agent

Voter Id

Identifying supporters, opposed, and undecided voters is a critical element to any campaign. Voter ID calls provide the information you need to plot your strategy and plan future efforts


Typically used as a follow-up to voter-ID, live agent persuasion calls are targeted to undecided voters. We promote positive aspects of your issues/campaign and/or expose your opponent’s weaknesses.

Patch Through

Allow constituents to connect directly with the candidate, elected representative, or campaign headquarters. Direct voter access and communication is a powerful tool. Patch Through calls mobilize voters and promote action.

Yard Sign

After support for a candidate/issue has been established through Voter ID, our follow up calls seek permission to place yard/window signs on the voter’s property. Promoting local voter signage is an effective grassroots strategy.

Ride To The Polls

We identify voters who need transportation to the polls, and campaign volunteers provide rides. This coordinated effort can include patch through connection to the driver/volunteer, or we can collect the voters opt in and send it to headquarters.


On Election Day, the rubber meets the road! Getting voters to the polls is the final, and often most critical step, of your multi-mode voter-contact strategy. Days before the election our agents will deliver a short message, get voters to commit to voting and most importantly get them to the polls. Winning campaigns take nothing for granted, proactive GOTV is essential.

Automated Calls

Robo Calling

Deliver a pre-recorded message to your voters. The message can be a simple one-way communication, or include a voter feedback option via telephone keypad responses (commonly known as IVR). Our system capacity will drop up to 500,000 messages per hour. TCSG offers a user-friendly interactive online portal, which gives you the option to create the message drop yourself. Of course, if you prefer utilizing the assistance of our professional staff that option is available.

Sms Messaging

The popularity of political campaign Texting (SMS) has exploded in recent years. Texting has become the preferred communication method with younger voters. Including text messaging in your multi-mode outreach is critical.



A large interactive meeting that uses Robo Calling to invite thousands of constituents to connect to a live Townhall discussion. This is an innovative and unique way to communicate with (and poll) voters. Constituents hear an automated message prompting them to connect to the Tele-Townhall. The facilitator asks questions and gathers responses as voters register selections via their telephone keypads and/or enter a queue to ask questions.